Dixie's love for hula hooping began 15 years ago. Inspired by the music festival scene, hula hooping was a perfect match for expressive dancing and movement. Incorporating this into live visuals for a new style of performance art .

Soon after her love of hula hooping spread to her sisters Trina and Celeste. Pushing the limits together,  Celeste infused her yoga training with hula hooping creating the ultimate body control and balanced practice, spinning as many as 4 hoops controlled on and off body at once . This builds skills that stem into all parts of our lives. Wanting to share this love, I love Hoola hoops was born.
 For the past 8 years the family has run I love Hoola Hoops , the first yoga infused hula hooping school and teacher training .
Since 2015 Dixie has been an instructor on Sunshine coast. Now offering classes for the younger generation.

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