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Here is some Testimonals from our Students...

Lucy Underwood


I look back to where I was in 2014...How life had made me so cold and resentful towards myself, life and those around me.  So much limiting beliefs thinking that this was me a person who didn't like to be centre of attention and had no voice which lead me to carry self blame in every situation that came into my life.  I took teacher training not realizing what I was in for!  Turned out it was the most challenging but most rewarding part of my life!  I relized that it was me that limited myself from this word.  With this Training I'm no longer afraid to stand in my power,I have a voice and above all I LOVE WHO I AM!   Something I have always been afraid of.   I think back to the way I was hidden in fear.   This training changed my life.  Forever grateful to Meagan and Celeste xx


  I can only say how happy I was when Lucy phoned me in her hour of need, two years ago now.  We hadn't spoken for a long time after moving to Canada, I knew she and Steve had made the decision for the children sake.  Unfortunately at the time we had never been able to reconcile our differences so we drifted apart.  Lucy has devoted her life to her children, with Steve they have done a wonderful job brining up Danja, Abbie and Kieron.  But all this has come with a price, I feel Lucy lost her way, forgot about her own wellbeing and now through her yoga teacher training she has found her way though the dark period of her life and has become a much stronger person, she has faced her demons and I am thankful to have played a part in that journey, to have had that chance to be a real mom as I should have been many years ago.   I love you Lucy xx  

Love your Mum

Brooke Richot


200RYT June 2014. One love yoga training with Celeste and Meagan as the trainers was truly life changing, it's an eye opener that's for sure ! I went into this training thinking I had my life figured out, then I learned that I didn't need to, although I wanted to, what I needed to do was be present, authentic, and honest with myself before any one else, in order to fully love and appreciate someone else. Having the six beautiful and strong women (now life time friends who will call you out on your b.s :D) to completely open up to be completely raw, authentic, I couldn't have asked for anything better at that point in my life. Meagan and Celeste gave me tools to take control of my life, accept myself as an amazing human being. I've shared these tools with my loved ones, it's awesome because when I'm being hard on myself my fiancée will tell me to think about what I learned and that I'm living my'lie' . When were authentic and raw it allows us to be the most wholehearted and compassionate one can be, it's hard to teach a class without all these tools. No matter who you are I would recommend this training, they set me up for success, but bring tissue, you may shed a few tears.


YOGA Teacher Training should only be attempted by individuals that have a strong desire to; foster meaningful connections with others, learn how to be a good listener/communicator,  understand self love,  experience profound self awareness , be real & authentic, experience peace and maybe…just maybe  the side effect will be to take your YOGA practise to a whole new freaking level!

SO…YA I FREAKING DID IT! Along with a bunch of 4 other perfectly-imperfect, beautiful women  bitches! 200 hard core intense hours, jammed into 2 weeks…blood, sweat and tears we did it together! I get emotional just thinking about it…I could never have imagined what was in store for us all. As a matter of fact, I walked into the training with a touch of arrogance (BAHAHAHA) actually thinking that this self inquiry stuff was going to be a cinch, since I was already so fabulously self aware. I mean with all the “exposure” that I’ve had to personal/spiritual development, courses I’ve taken, books I’ve read, mentorship programs and one on one consults with some of the “big guns” in the world of personal growth I figured I may be able to pass on some of my infinite knowledge… I have this shit licked!

OH MAN! I definitely  ended up licking some shit…maybe I even ate some! Okay, not for real I’m exaggerating a wee bit( I wasn’t that much of an asshole), but you get the point I hope.

I like to be known as the girl that has her shit together, you know? I’ve let go of a lot of it through the years. I’m not nearly as neurotic as I was with my home and kids, trying to project this UEBER perfect image of the perfect wife, mother etc. I had to give that up years ago, because quite frankly it was making me cuckoo and I burned out. I switched gears after that and really dedicated myself to my own personal growth and in that developed a brand new identity for myself. MRS. SELF HELP GURU…and I had so much information to share and LOOOOOVVVVE to give that I may have suffocated a few of you…My intention was pure, well mostly it was…I did want to be validated for everything I knew and I wanted to be “special”‘ well…maybe “EXTRA special”…That kind of thinking will fuck things up a bit, you know what I mean?

I was pretty self absorbed, and in all my incessant preaching, lecturing and coddling I created some monsters for myself.

The truth is I care about people, to my own detriment sometimes, but I’m learning how to unwind this, and bring it all back to balance. To ALLOW people their experiences and to just keep loving them regardless of how that all unfolds.  I know now what it feels like to not take things personally, to take a stand for myself and others, to be true to myself and what it really feels like to love myself! This is just a small part of what this training has done for me, and I haven’t even mentioned the actual YOGA yet! (Keep your eyes peeled for that in a separate post)

I just know one thing for sure, nothing ever happens for nothing, the crazy chaos that brought to my knees, also brought me what I needed to stand up tall again. The people that have crossed my path, have all had a divine purpose in my life and I am fucking grateful for everyone of you! You have been the keys to unlocking my doors. My learning isn’t over yet, I’m sure I’ll spend some more time on my knees in the future…but now I’ve got me a set of knee pads – to make the time I spend there a little less uncomfortable. (Get your minds out of the gutter! This is soulful stuff here!).

The point being that yes, “shitty” stuff will still happen, but I’m able to pull myself out of it much faster, change my perception, knowing that in all losses, there are also gains and nothing lasts forever. I take comfort in that, I hope you will too.

So….Celeste White & Meagan Fettes, thank you for skillfully guiding me to my light( is this too “airy fairy?), with such unconditional love. You have both truly lead by example, I am inspired by you both. And….who can forget my “bitches”? You girls have all showed me so many parts of me, it’s no wonder why we were all together in this training. I fucking love the shit out of you all! As Lucy would say NAMASTE BITCHES!!!!!

Jackie Manning


Jackie started her journey with Hoola Hoops in 2012 when she started attending the famous Friday Night classes. Jackie is now a Certified Instructor for I love hoola hoops.

“I have performed at Shambhala, busked on the streets of Calgary, performed at street markets, always bringing extra Hoops to share. The most famous question is ‘How do you do that?’

Let Jackie show you how in the highly addictive, high cardio, extreme fun unlike any other fitness class. This isn’t just a regular fitness class this is your time to shine and smile.


Teacher Training Testimonial:

Teacher training in Costa Rica let me block out all distractions and focus on me for 2 weeks. It was the greatest experience and so uplifting. I learned to appreciate myself, love myself and enjoy myself.

The instructors were amazing support it was like having sisters for the first time.

When I am struggling with something now I close my eyes and something from Costa Rica floods my brain and I remember that I can do this and that I am good enough.


Thank you for showing me my potential and now I will strive for it.

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